909-476 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Willian says:

      A while back I got a call from the State Trooper's organization and wanting a donation.  If you agree and don't pay - they keep calling and calling.  They will not take no for an answer.  My husband lost his job and I do not have $10 to $15 to my name.  Got to buy school clothes.

    2. Roy says:

      This number has called me daily for the last several weeks offering me pharmaceuticals. I always hang up on them. They are using some kind of spoofing software because their number comes up from Washington, but they have accents. One call that I received had their number come up from Egypt, they must have forgotten to hook it up that time. Please disconnect them.

    3. Hector says:


    4. Hassan says:

      something todo with house break ins

    5. Jackson says:

      West Asset Collections, called for someone else who doesnt live here. Called them back, they had no record of the person or the number...suspicous to us. Looking into other type of phone number spoofing scam.

    6. Freeman says:

      never wanna talk to this girl ever again

    7. Rico says:

      This number keeps calling us but we have not managed to answer. No message is left - except silence. I tried calling it back and got "the number you have called is busy".

    8. Hugh says:

      i just got a text saying "whats up" and i replied with "who is this?" and i got no response.

    9. Walter says:

      One of my clients was contacted by 661-214-0513 by a man claiming to be Mark Murphy and representing the firm. After speaking with my client, it became apparent that this was not a real debt collector as he refused to identify who he was working for and would not provide written documentation of the debt. I offered to call the number for the client to see if I could get further information.

    10. Eduardo says:

      Person won't leave me alone

    11. Melvin says:

      spam all the way... report report report or they will ring your phone off the hook.. please report and stop people like this from doing such things.

    12. Rocco says:

      Collection Agency, this I know because when I answer the phone or call back, they are looking for a Gloria Lopez.  She had my number about 2-3 yrs ago, and all the bill collectors are looking for her.  They call multiple times, leave no message and even after I asked them to remove my phone number, they call anyway.

    13. Lucius says:

      These guys were jerks-made up all this stuff

    14. Cody says:

      stalker she call and text for no reason

    15. Domingo says:

      This # calls me daily and hangs up everytime I say hello.  I tried calling it back and get a fast busy signal.