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    1. Hank says:

      I just got the same call.  Said his name was Eric Smith (yeah right) and that I needed to have my attorney of record call him the very second I got the message.  I just added the number to my call blocker.  That'll work for a while, then they'll switch to a new number. Just arrest these scammers!  Even though I know it's a scam, it does tend to frighten me!

    2. Erin says:

      I had the same call from "Peter" He was here to help me "fix my many errors from microsoft" I didn't have the heart to tell him I use a mac and no microsoft products. So I turned it around and started to ask him questions & he hung up on me...the nerve!

    3. Virgil says:

      I received the known caller ID. No message left.

    4. Dario says:

      dnt let phone ring at all

    5. Jake says:

      Just received a call too, on the cell phone of course.  Have a pay as you go phone so if I answered it would have cost me money.  Am also on the do not call list.

    6. Vicente says:

      They were asking me to take out a loan at "Chase". It appears to be a total fraud. Be careful.

    7. Ira says:

      Same thing here. I was charged and not given any product. They still call a few times a year. Years a purchased some software from them that was really great but now no one ever comes to the line when you call them back.

    8. Ashley says:

      They don't say anthing. Just a machine.

    9. Chang says:

      Spam . Something about a survey which I never filled out

    10. Otis says:

      get at least 2 calls a day from this 317-472-8016. No one speaks. I too am on the national and state do not call lists so I'm upset that this is happening. It's very odd as who would waste so much time calling people and not say anything.

    11. Wayne says:

      Timeshare lowlifes! Ugh!

    12. Maurice says:

      They have called every hour for about 2 weeks now. Everytime they call, then u answer. They hang up.

    13. Mickey says:

      They texted me (they DO NOT KNOW ME) and said I would like to use your name for a reference. Thanks, used up 3 minutes of my phone time, a**hole.

    14. Darron says:

      Here this what u do ... first go to your bank manager tell him the situation of what's happening.. than asks him to stop anything from coming out of your account.. only use your debt card for money at atm.. next your phone change number but make sure u save everything to sd card... next.. tell your job what's happening.. your job will put an end to it by letting them know they don't give any information about u... nexts go to dmv let them know u need another driver's license because of your identity was use... nexts go to s.s office an put a lock on it... than you'll done... start a new life..

    15. Timothy says:

      The Vacation Store (TVS) 1-800-232-6641 "Time Share promotion"