914-697 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 914-697-7320
  • 914-697-7321
  • 914-697-7322
  • 914-697-7323
  • 914-697-7324
  • 914-697-7325
  • 914-697-7326
  • 914-697-7327
  • 914-697-7328
  • 914-697-7329
  • 914-697-7330
  • 914-697-7331
  • 914-697-7332
  • 914-697-7333
  • 914-697-7334
  • 914-697-7335
  • 914-697-7336
  • 914-697-7337
  • 914-697-7338
  • 914-697-7339
  • 914-697-7340
  • 914-697-7341
  • 914-697-7342
  • 914-697-7343
  • 914-697-7344
  • 914-697-7345
  • 914-697-7346
  • 914-697-7347
  • 914-697-7348
  • 914-697-7349
  • 914-697-7350
  • 914-697-7351
  • 914-697-7352
  • 914-697-7353
  • 914-697-7354
  • 914-697-7355
  • 914-697-7356
  • 914-697-7357
  • 914-697-7358
  • 914-697-7359

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    1. Morgan says:

      I have attempeted to call the # and cannot get through to cancel. I have returned the product and expect a refund.

    2. Marcus says:

      Thanks, Matt.  Just got another call from that number a few min ago; didn't know it was the same # as last time I checked here.  At least it's someone good!

    3. Kraig says:

      They call every day , even on Sundays. Is this really the US census. I talked to one lady and she was rude and I kept telling her I did not want to answer any questions and she said I had to by law so I hung up the phone. I am afraid they have to much info now. How can I stop these calls?

    4. Lyman says:

      I received this call but was unable to answer and there was no message left on the machine.  But I was able to get the number using *69, and since it is on your list, I won't be returning it.  I suspected as much when I saw the area code.  I sure would like to know who it is to request a "no call" but that doesn't usually work with these "people" anyway.  There are so many scams out there; even ones using names of government safety service organizations like the state highway patrol, fire department, and police.  People getting these calls need to report them to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs Office.

    5. Wade says:

      calling me about someone that i dont know

    6. Brooks says:

      This call was from a male with a Jamaican accent. He said I won money and I must go to any CVS or Walgreen store and purchase a $75.00 Green dot reloadable card. I must give when called back, the 14 digit code and sometime later today I would be delivered at my home my winnings. The FBI, our local police and our local TV station about this scam. I have recieved 16 calls so far, and those are the ones I answered, not the hangups or messages left on my machine.Merry Christmas everyone........

    7. Thomas says:

      Missouri Democratic Party - asking for support for Sen. Claire Mc Caskill.

    8. Donald says:

      Medical supply service; Marketing puposes. SPAM!!!

    9. Jeffery says:

      Called and left a message that I could not understand. He had a very strong India accent. Called the number back using *67 so they could not capture my number and the recording stated, "Thanks for calling Liquid Education. Someone will be right with you"  Here is their website

    10. Adolph says:

      this guy is sending threats to my family police have been notified please contact your client

    11. Marlin says:

      Received call saying it was the WV Health Dept of DHHR doing a survey. Asked two questions to see if I qualified for survey: Do you own a landline? What percentage of your phone calls do you receive on your cell phone? Told the caller 5% because I do not give the number out except to certain people. Told me call was confidential and even though it came to my cell she did not know who was being called. With that she hung up. Sounded angry when I made comment about calls to my cell.

    12. Arthur says:

      FINANCIAL SCAM - this number is listed to Kevin Addison in Floral Park, NY. It works in conjunction with 609-858-2177 (caller ID shows APTELA) from Trenton, NJ, who claims to be a debt collector looking for another person not at my address but claims I'm the responsible party. Could be an attempt to gain access to my personal information for identy theft.

    13. Garrett says:

      Didn't answer and no message left. Wasn't aware that there is a 126 area code.

    14. Noe says:

      Text message from 228-731-6762 that read... "Bad credit, No equity, Behind on your payment, Not behind. Want a lower payment? Interest rates as low as 2% Fixed. If so, reply HELP, To Opt out reply STOP." I did not reply. I am in Canada and the # is tracked to Gulfport MS.

    15. Judson says:

      They (USA Benefits) call me about 4 times a day telling me I won a gift card and that they need my debit/credit card number in order to be processed and for the shipping charge. When I tell them that I'm not interested and to stop calling they either continue their sales pitch as if they didn't hear me or they hang up on me. I have now registered my number on the "No call registry" as well as filed a complaint with the FCC and encourage everyone else who has been harassed by these scam artists to do the same.