917-661 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 917-661-7540
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  • 917-661-7548
  • 917-661-7549
  • 917-661-7550
  • 917-661-7551
  • 917-661-7552
  • 917-661-7553
  • 917-661-7554
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  • 917-661-7559

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    1. Brendon says:

      Answered after 2nd call...they hung up..REAL NICE eh..Thanks for WASTING my minutes

    2. Nickolas says:

      Called asking for a laura. Wrong number

    3. Hilario says:

      Im no longer a donor and they still call..

    4. Ollie says:

      It was not easy to understand this man because of the connection and his thick accent.  A man asked for me by first name only.  He said he was calling regarding my mortgage on my property and began to ask me about my current rate.  I asked him what company he was with and he said "Lending Experts".  He asked me again about my current rate and I said "I'm on the Do Not Call List".  He responded with "This is the first time our company is calling you."  I said, "Okay, but we're on the National Do Not Call Registry."  He paused for a moment before saying "Okay, thank you for your time."  I hung up.

    5. Lester says:

      I recieve calls from this number everyday! Advising me that I have a lawsuit against me for cashe advances that I never recieved! Tehy tell me that police will come drag me out of work and to the "jailhouse" if I dont return a call. This is a Scam! P.S. they told my boss when they called my place of employment that they would kiss her p***y!

    6. Keith says:

      Have you answer a wrong call?

    7. Alberto says:

      Got the call here in Milwaukee, WI.  A woman named "Brittany" called me and said she was from Arizona giving 300dollar gas cards out if I renewed a 3 yr subscription.  She also said I was 1 of the 500 people from WI to get it.  That move just tries to make you jump on the fact that you were the so called "lucky" recipient of this pricey gas car.  Her so called supervisor called me back today and was calling me Dude after I sounded apprehensive.  He wanted my credit card number, or debit card number.  I would never fall for this $hit.  They try to butter you up on the phone, DON"T FALL FOR IT.  Hang the phone up!

    8. Rudolf says:

      verify purchase information

    9. Jonathan says:

      They keep calling me and hanging up.

    10. Vance says:

      Same here! Keep calling me and not leaving voicemails, driving me insane!

    11. Matt says:

      I received a phone call this morning saying the same thing! Saying that me or my attoreney needed to contact them. I'm glad to know it a scam!

    12. Allan says:

      Received this call listed on call ID -- have no knowledge of area code or who is call.... Please advise

    13. Lorenzo says:

      Bill collectors calling for someone else. They have the wrong number!

    14. Darryl says:

      I received a call from this number 347 298 7946 stating he is Stanley Marshall with Kings County Sheriffs office. Saying I owe almost $900.00 claims its for a loan I never received. He said I was in a lot of legal trouble,saying I committed fraud. I am sick of this man calling. He told me it will all be dropped if I send him the money. Why is it he has not been arrested for portraying himself as a Sheriff. I thought that was highly illegal.

    15. Erasmo says:

      Got a call from this number twice in a row today but did not answer, no msg left and unsure why this person would be calling me