919-511 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 919-511-6802
  • 919-511-6803
  • 919-511-6804
  • 919-511-6805
  • 919-511-6806
  • 919-511-6807
  • 919-511-6808
  • 919-511-6809
  • 919-511-6810
  • 919-511-6811
  • 919-511-6812
  • 919-511-6813
  • 919-511-6814
  • 919-511-6815
  • 919-511-6816
  • 919-511-6817
  • 919-511-6818
  • 919-511-6819
  • 919-511-6820
  • 919-511-6821
  • 919-511-6822
  • 919-511-6823
  • 919-511-6824
  • 919-511-6825
  • 919-511-6826
  • 919-511-6827
  • 919-511-6828
  • 919-511-6829
  • 919-511-6830
  • 919-511-6831
  • 919-511-6832
  • 919-511-6833
  • 919-511-6834
  • 919-511-6835
  • 919-511-6836
  • 919-511-6837
  • 919-511-6838
  • 919-511-6839

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    1. Lawerence says:

      another person asking for ken.male

    2. Vito says:

      I have gotten 3 calls from this number. The lady says she is from Watkins Survey and that she is trying to send me $160 worth of gifts. She says I did an online survey for a Walmart gift card or an Ipad. I didn't do either and when I tell her I didn't do it, she gets nasty and insists that she needs to send me the gifts. I have to hang up on her in order to end the call.

    3. Randall says:

      Rec'd call today at 6:55pm.  Caller ID says NJ.  I did not answer, but when I called the number back it says the line is no longer in service.

    4. Lauren says:

      I saw their advertising on tv,last night for the ABRocket twister for $14.95 , so I called and find out it is $14.95 for a thirty days trial and then you have pay something like $150.00. I did not place my order but got a missed call on my cell from this number.they advertise under 800-524-8945 if you need to call

    5. Daryl says:

      they just don't stop calling, all day!!

    6. Elroy says:

      i have ben getting call's from a 11206 2006011 but i dont answer number's i dont no or unknown or private number's,so when they call they dont leave a message SO I CALLED THEM BACK they answed johnson county police dapartment they have no record of calling me,so this is a SCAM,is any one else getting this number

    7. Abraham says:

      Why am I getting calls from this phone number and they never leave a message. How did they get my number.

    8. Ernesto says:

      Text me about my volvo for sale in oxnard ca pure scam pay thru pay pal ridiculous statement about he can't see it but want to buy it n pay extra. Scammer beware.

    9. Otis says:

      Audio recording claiming to be my credit card company, offering lower interest rate. Hung up, called back, went to someones voice mail (said their name was Gerald).

    10. Johnny says:

      Telemarketing for electric company

    11. Luther says:

      Received 4 calls within 2 hours.  Classical piano music plays for approximately 15 seconds and hangs up... who or what business/agency is administering this call?

    12. Allen says:

      Just wanted to add that I decided to write back to "Terry" and let him know that I found out that he is scamming people. It may not accomplish anything, but I felt the need to speak the truth to him, anyway. Here is my reply:

    13. Russel says:

      It is a scam about your credit card do not answer

    14. Timmy says:

      A company called me yesterday. I spoke to a representative and told them I want the calls to cease and to have my number removed from their database.

    15. Virgil says:

      Called several times in a row w/ no voice mail left. Not sure if it is a collection attempt or a sales call but either way it is definitely spam since the number is spoofed.