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  • 919-544-7828
  • 919-544-7829
  • 919-544-7830
  • 919-544-7831
  • 919-544-7832
  • 919-544-7833
  • 919-544-7834
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    1. Donald says:

      Called twice at 5am!!! Nothing other than Alabama Call. Answered and it hung up on me.

    2. Freddy says:

      They call me several times a day. I screened it the first several times, and when I finally answered it, a woman said "Hi this is the chiropractor's office, would you like a free health screening?" When I said "No, thank you," she hung up.

    3. Andrew says:

      Called didnt answer left no message (NO MESSAGE NO CALL BACK)

    4. Alberto says:

      Fraud guy attempted to get bank info for scam

    5. Dewey says:

      it is a sales pitch.....pls. block!!!!

    6. Wilbert says:

      I have been receiving the same calls on my cell phone. I get about twenty a day but I have never answered them.

    7. Dennis says:

      i just got one too this happend once be for but from a diffrent number thay got beligerient with me called me names that i can't say on here

    8. Hai says:

      its a operator saying the fbi will install free surveillance cameras

    9. Rosario says:

      Nothing I just don't wont him calling me

    10. Jermaine says:

      I received a call demanding payment for an overdue bill, however, the company WOULD NOT identify themselves or the creditor. When I again asked concerning this bill I was told to pay OR ELSE, you have 72 hours! Not only did they harrass me, but my minor children also. Turned them into the state of CT.

    11. Darwin says:

      I did not answer the call but it came in at 9am est.

    12. Edgardo says:

      They call ask if I'm looking for higher education just tell them no and they will stop calling

    13. Jacob says:

      Car Pros Kia in Torrance,for me call was for my car ( Service Dept )

    14. Josue says:

      I got call from this number today from a "Officer Jack Dawson" and he stated that there were 10 lawyers and a Judge listening to the call and that he was with The Federal Government investigation of on-line fraud department. He started asking me questions about my SSN and would not answer my questions. When I would not answer his questions he requested to speak with my manager (since) I was at work and I told him no. He got very angry and began to raise his voice to me and when I told him that I felt threatened by his tone of voice he became even more agitated and then began stating that he was wasting his time and that he would be sending someone to my work in 2 hours to take me to jail. That is when I hung up on him. !!!!! DO NOT SPEAK WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!! They just want to scam you and take your money!!!!

    15. Toney says:

      they talk about irs bk taxes i dont owe nobody nothing