919-830 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 919-830-1328
  • 919-830-1329
  • 919-830-1330
  • 919-830-1331
  • 919-830-1332
  • 919-830-1333
  • 919-830-1334
  • 919-830-1335
  • 919-830-1336
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  • 919-830-1341
  • 919-830-1342
  • 919-830-1343
  • 919-830-1344
  • 919-830-1345
  • 919-830-1346
  • 919-830-1347
  • 919-830-1348
  • 919-830-1349
  • 919-830-1350
  • 919-830-1351
  • 919-830-1352
  • 919-830-1353
  • 919-830-1354
  • 919-830-1355
  • 919-830-1356
  • 919-830-1357
  • 919-830-1358
  • 919-830-1359

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    1. Giuseppe says:

      Everything is speaking in spanish

    2. Reid says:

      I received an unsolicited text from 323-240-7481 that i won $1000 and need to got o targetsprizes.com and enter code 4787.

    3. Lon says:

      I received a call from this punk. When I answered he was talking to someone in the background and immediately changed the sound of his voice and asked me if he could send me a fire chief sticker in support of the Alabama Firefighters Academy. I asked him why he changed his voice and in a high pitched voice he replied "because I am cornholio!!!" I laughed and he hung up. I would kill that fool for prank calling me late T night though if I could find out who he is. I called the numbe back and it said the same as someone stated above "cannot receive calls from your special phone". Anyways, I wish they would call back... I've got something for them next time.

    4. Weston says:

      Caller ID does not show a prefix but I am in the 310 area. Name ID says "Cypress Thierry" No idea - does not come up on Google. They waited long enough to trigger the answering machine, then hung up.

    5. Ricky says:

      Caller hung up when I answered.

    6. Kenton says:

      retards i don't wanna talk to that don't understand the concept of leave me alone

    7. Hosea says:

      It is a representative of Kelly Services Employment Agency.

    8. Reinaldo says:

      This is a scam. They are selling an investment but can't prove what they say by an independant source.  A lot of hype, no substane.

    9. Vern says:

      It said I have been selected to receive a FREE Best Buy gift card. Also states that i have 48 hours to claim my gift.

    10. Royce says:

      Didn't leave a message here either. Called ID says Wish Assoc.

    11. Frederic says:

      Just had a call from this number and a man answered, he knew my name and said that he was aware my phone contract was running out with t-mobile. . . .except i not with t-mobile.  when i challenged him he asked me who i was with and i told him seeing how he is the one with all the information he should know who i am with.  He claimed he works for orange, t-mobile, vodaphone, three and other companies offering their customers better upgrades.  I was very wery and said i wasnt interested, he cahallenged me again and again i said no. . .he then said happy xmas. . . . it's bloody january!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Olin says:

      I got a call yesterday from this number. When I answered and the guy finally talked he said he was in Kenya and asked me how America was. He never got to the point on the reason for his call so I hung up. Then he called back a 2nd time and I didn't answer, the third time he called back was when this number popped up and I told him not to call again. He called one more time a few hours later and I answered and he said something like "hi mami" so I know it's not a professional callers.

    13. Johnson says:

      This unknown number calls at the same time everyday and no one will say a word on their end Im tired of this inconvenience since I am disabled and on a fixed income. I am in great need of this problem being resolved.

    14. Mohammad says:

      police responded to 911 call from this number on 2 occasions. Police saying phone number has address to 5200 beverly drive. buisiness owens-illinois.

    15. Shelton says:

      Same as the others....I'm on the do not call list and they're calling anyway to offer to clean my carpets.  When I got a rep and asked to be removed, they hung up!  GRRRR!!!!