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    1. Herman says:

      yep, UCLA donor call. I get calls about 3x weekly from this # around 6:30 ET...

    2. Marcos says:

      Called the number back. It is the American Association of State Troopers fund raising campaign. I just got a recording when I called back.

    3. Jimmie says:

      Called with no message or voicemail several times

    4. Greg says:

      I've been getting calls from this number a coule times a day in the last week, I got fed up and started to answer the calls,a nd every time I answer, it automatically hangs up. My friend has also been getting the same calls, but last last digit from her caller is a 6 instead of a 5. I wonder what is calling us?

    5. Wesley says:

      keep calling and just hang up

    6. Arlie says:


    7. Andres says:

      Got a call from this number asking me if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my credit card. Asked if I was paying over 10%? Asked me to share my credit card info with them and expiration date - I asked if I could call them back so I could look up my highest rate card. They would not provide me with number to call them back - I pressed them for more information. They hung up on me.

    8. Rashad says:

      I don't want this number calling this phone or leaving messages

    9. Ethan says:

      After receiving numerous calls from 281-402-0226 saying my husband had a criminal complaint against him and he needed a SS#. I received two calls from this number in Beckley, WV. Claimed that it was the sheriff's office. I'm not located in that county. My daughter has shared trumpet music with them.

    10. Ike says:

      The call is from Wash. D.C. Possiblly Political or polling.

    11. Granville says:

      they just called me. and i live in massachusetts. and 631 is a NY number. which confused me. it JUST happened so i googled the number to see if there was any reports on it and i found this.

    12. Travis says:

      the call has come in twice, both times a gentleman with an Ease Indian accent asks for me by name and indicates he is a representitive form Microsoft, needless to say I do not do business over the phone, but they still keep calling!

    13. Timmy says:

      ione to three year block at a wholesale price.  They pass the savings onto your utility who in turn passes it on to you.  I enroll nothing but medium to large businesses and know for a fact that I save several people considerable amounts of money.  As in any sales job there are always representatives and entire companies with questionable practices.  I'm a broker that works with 36 of the licensed and approved suppliers and do the shopping for my customers.  I have several customers I have retained since when certain states were deregulated more than 10 years ago and have saved some of them in the amount of millions of dollars, so I'm just a little bit frustrated when somebody claims my job is a fraud.  Feel free to contact me with any questions if you are interested (855)330-3580 ext 209...Ray Taylor (People's Choice Energy)

    14. Andreas says:

      The caller's last name is Wolf or Wolfe.

    15. Mitch says:

      Wrong number please stop calling me