956-487 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Johnathon says:

      spam text for justhookup.com

    2. Scott says:

      called late at nite 9pm, no message left

    3. Aron says:

      Well damn. I've known about the comic since before you<a href="http://sggcwop.com"> strated</a> it (from dA) and only just read it. Now I want to slap past me in the face for not reading it for so long, this was amazing and a very odd page to stop on. I almost want to laugh, but I feel bad, but laughing kind of overrules sorrow about this

    4. Douglas says:

      Dale Marie Portrait Studio - Photography

    5. Greg says:

      "WCA - press 3 to opt out.." how do you get them to stop these calls? they are coming to my cell phone

    6. Noble says:

      keep playing game with. me need. better

    7. Marquis says:

      Keeps calling and hanging up when I answer.

    8. Alfred says:

      Calls all the time, have made it clear that we are not interested, still they call.

    9. Eldridge says:

      We have had several calls from Integrated Supply Center.

    10. Scotty says:

      yes i dont know who it is

    11. Alden says:

      This stupid company calls my house every five minutes because they don't get the chance to talk to a real person. I'm so sorry I have a life you stupid do***ebags!

    12. Trenton says:

      the FBI sucked my donkey balls

    13. Porter says:

      Ummmmm, Yes, They are! What makes you think the Government gives even a flying s@#t about you? If they did, the economy and our way of life would still be in tact. The government is nothing but a bunch of legal mobsters taking the money you pay in to the U.S. Treasury in taxes and using if for their own interests. They are supporting a tax free system for the wealthy and sucking the middle and lower classes dry. If you don't see this, I guess you are an idiot. Here is a prime example of how this is true. I live in a 1,000 square foot house in a town with higher than average crime. I pay as much in property tax to live in this small house in this crap hole of a town as people 2 towns away from me do. The houses there average around 3,000 square feet, sit on 1 acre lots and they have lower than average crime. Where is the money I'm paying in property taxes going? The services in the town I live in SUCK! They don't plow or salt the streets properly in the winter and they spend more on the park district than they do on crime prevention. They say we should do our part with neighborhood watch rather than hiring the appropriately trained police officers necessary. The mayor draws a half a million dollar salary per year and does absolutely nothing to remedy the problems in town. The schools are substandard and yet we pay more in school taxes than they do in affluent neighborhoods. The government sucks my friend. On all levels. Look in to what your local state and the federal government are doing to programs in your area. If you can show me one example where the educational system is being funded properly I'll rescind this comment and make a public apology, but I'll guarantee on a state level your educational system is being cut somewhere. Yet I'll almost promise you NOT ONE of your government officials is taking any kind of cut in pay or benefits and I'll guarantee they are building a pension on YOUR dime. I can tell you as a resident of Illinois, we are in trouble. The state has mismanaged money so much that we as residents of the state are responsible for $30,000 per person to pay the pensions to the same people that have destroyed our state economy. Do the research. Look at what programs are being cut. I don't know how old you are but I'll almost guarantee that when you retire, social security and medic-aid are going to be nonexistent. That's what our (FRIENDS) and I use that term loosely, on the federal level are working on now. And don't think they want you to be educated enough to know what they're doing because they don't. That's why the educational system in this country is so poor. They want you to be stupid. If you become educated, you start to figure out what they're up to on capital hill and that's a threat to them and their way of doing business. The GOVERNMENT IN THIS COUNTRY IS SOLELY THE PROBLEM FOR WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! They're in bed with the big corporations, they give them a free ride in exchange for money to cover their agenda. NOT YOUR AGENDA. They take bribes to cover the cost of their election campaigns and they leave you sitting on the poor farm while their pockets are constantly being lined. Why do think over 80% of our politicians are millionaires? You need to take the blinders off and look at the big picture because if we as Americans don't start doing so, we are going to wind up like Greece and we are going to have to sell ourselves out to other countries. Oh Wait, we already have. China and Mexico. See? Chinese goods and Mexicans crossing our borders at alarming rates. This is how much YOUR GOVERNMENT cares about you. Wake Up Dummy! It's not too late to get involved and take this country back.

    14. Duane says:

      They have wrong number every morning they calling.