970-677 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 970-677-9761
  • 970-677-9762
  • 970-677-9763
  • 970-677-9764
  • 970-677-9765
  • 970-677-9766
  • 970-677-9767
  • 970-677-9768
  • 970-677-9769
  • 970-677-9770
  • 970-677-9771
  • 970-677-9772
  • 970-677-9773
  • 970-677-9774
  • 970-677-9775
  • 970-677-9776
  • 970-677-9777
  • 970-677-9778
  • 970-677-9779
  • 970-677-9780
  • 970-677-9781
  • 970-677-9782
  • 970-677-9783
  • 970-677-9784
  • 970-677-9785
  • 970-677-9786
  • 970-677-9787
  • 970-677-9788
  • 970-677-9789
  • 970-677-9790
  • 970-677-9791
  • 970-677-9792
  • 970-677-9793
  • 970-677-9794
  • 970-677-9795
  • 970-677-9796
  • 970-677-9797
  • 970-677-9798
  • 970-677-9799

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    1. Isaias says:

      I don't know calls and doesn't leave a message, it's a call I didn't want to take.

    2. Clair says:

      several calls from them, in two days. Left messages, about seeing if I qualify for a government program designed to help decrease our dependency on foreign oil. Also picked up one time and a girl of about 20 spoke her pitch, saying it wasn't a sales call. This is a cell phone number. I told her I wasn't interested, and that the government doesn't have any money to give me. Also told her that I knew of ways to help with our dependency on foreign oil, and if she could please have her boss call me back I would share them.

    3. Fermin says:

      there was a woman on the line when I said can I help you she hung up

    4. Raphael says:

      Shows up on Caller ID as "Chicago Call". Many times have called and at the most irritating hours. Offering to give me a 10% savings with my energy supplier. They have called me many times and every time I ask them not to do so.

    5. Jesus says:

      Keeps calling my cel phone and there is no one there.

    6. Arden says:

      Something about a stimulus package

    7. Cameron says:

      Sprint telemarketer. Probably got called after I signed up for a scholarship.

    8. Armand says:

      Sounds like you have way too much time on your hands. Learn to be mature and responsible - handle your financial affairs appropriately.

    9. Stefan says:

      received a call from Kevin Mason..who informed me I was charge with 3 counts of fraud.Kevin had some of my personal information, when I asked why now  you guys getting in touch with me  now,his response was they e mail me. I asked whats name of your company and he hung up. I told my lawyer about this and my lawyer call and respond with a smart answer .Kevin told my lawyer to put your hand in your mouth and hung up, when we we call back we got a busy signal. .

    10. Quentin says:

      2 Texts. "Your cell has won $1.2m USD. It was randomly selected by POWERBALL DATA BASE...to claim, Email powerballusaball@aol.com."So annoying!!!!!

    11. Alfonzo says:

      Caller ID dipping fee scammer

    12. Leslie says:

      constantly calls without leaving a message

    13. Cornelius says:

      I answered the call and they immediately hung up. Most likely spam.

    14. Randy says:

      we almost sent the money Saturday...this man knew our son was on Chemo too...he is evil..we almost lost money we didn't have....thank you so much for posting...oh he is now going by the name Lt.Robert Shearer which is someone whom died in the 911 attacks adding a whole new layer of disgust...

    15. Mervin says:

      calls at least once a day--usually more---never leaves a message--dead air if I answer---must not except incoming calls cause I have tried to call it back