972-664 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 972-664-5520
  • 972-664-5521
  • 972-664-5522
  • 972-664-5523
  • 972-664-5524
  • 972-664-5525
  • 972-664-5526
  • 972-664-5527
  • 972-664-5528
  • 972-664-5529
  • 972-664-5530
  • 972-664-5531
  • 972-664-5532
  • 972-664-5533
  • 972-664-5534
  • 972-664-5535
  • 972-664-5536
  • 972-664-5537
  • 972-664-5538
  • 972-664-5539
  • 972-664-5540
  • 972-664-5541
  • 972-664-5542
  • 972-664-5543
  • 972-664-5544
  • 972-664-5545
  • 972-664-5546
  • 972-664-5547
  • 972-664-5548
  • 972-664-5549
  • 972-664-5550
  • 972-664-5551
  • 972-664-5552
  • 972-664-5553
  • 972-664-5554
  • 972-664-5555
  • 972-664-5556
  • 972-664-5557
  • 972-664-5558
  • 972-664-5559

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    1. Man says:

      Called my cell..I am on No Call List. Hung up on me when I tried to explain that to them.

    2. Dwain says:

      Got text from (256) 962-2530?"The cheapest possible auto insurance is a click away. Get your free quote in 5 minutes at www.QuoteSlash.com. To unsubscribe, reply stop.Sent on April 16, 2012

    3. Jackson says:

      constant calls and leaves no message

    4. Alden says:

      Reported 16th, Mar. 2012. looloo0ATTENTION !!!!530 area code!!!! If you call 243-345-6789 you will end up calling some totally innocent people because (243) is not a valid area code in the us so what you are really calling is a 243 number which is not the number calling you!!!!!!! (243) is a valid PREFIX in the 530 area code. Please dont be rude, you need to report the problem to AT&T, beleive me they are aware of the problem! This number is originating in Africa. If you insist on calling them back you must use the international code before dialing.Please educate yourselves and dont be dumb!

    5. Teodoro says:

      PLAYS GAMES don't waste your time

    6. Ernie says:

      Party promoter - sending text - no clue how he got my number

    7. Samuel says:

      This person is a scam artist

    8. Lance says:

      Since when does the irs have a 301 area code. What idiots we're dealing with. Keep on your toes! Always check out a company with the BBB before signing anything.

    9. Louie says:

      Received a call from a phone number 312-625-1423, a male named Piere, claiming I had won $25k from from a contest form I filled out. I was told to call back at:1-855-841-6089.  I called back, a lady answered and asked me to hold and I was put on hold. Only held for a few minutes and then, a lady came on the line and began asking me questions "to verify my ID."  Zip code? married? single? etc.. I wanted to ask about who the company was and what the contest was, she stated that she can't share any information until I answer her questions. The she hung up on me.  I imagine if this was the real thing, the company would have been more transparent and willing to talk like a human being to me.  The initial caller seemed legit with the seemingly professional voice and all that. But, it's all a scam. If they won't be willing to talk to you like you're willing to talk to them, you know it's not legit.

    10. Hunter says:

      i just dont want him to call or txt me its nothing bad though

    11. Reinaldo says:

      Text messages asking who I was and if I was gay and liked other men

    12. Bruno says:

      When I called back, a recording stated that I reached America's Future Fund polling line and that they are a non-profit organization.

    13. Gilberto says:

      I got a call from this number. It was of a woman screaming twice.I kinda freaked me out!!

    14. Gail says:

      They are looking for someone that had the number befor I,so I continue to tell them this is not that person they are looking for but they continue to call and harsse me.......

    15. Bret says:

      states number is o longer in service