978-728 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Jake says:

      Didn't answer. I live in fresno and know nobody from Kent, WA. If they were legit they would've left a message.

    2. Myron says:

      Two 2a.m. calls.no messages left

    3. Isaiah says:

      Spam text about apple iPad3 test and keep

    4. Guadalupe says:

      I am on the do not call list and these people keep calling me about a credit card I don't even have.

    5. Stanley says:

      this a scam company trying to ship animals that have posted as needing to be re-homed or sold.  the animal is not real and the money you sned by western union or moneygram will be lost.  they will tell you to pay the re-homing fees thru moneygram and then the next day they will tell you the animal is being held at the airport untiltremondous insurance fees are paid thru Western Union.  There is no animal and never will be.  some of the alis's they use are Mary Trott, Pat Smith and Maris Santandler.  They are located in AZ, CA, TN and Tx.  they will also tell you thier phone is broke and that is why you cannot talk in person to the seller.

    6. Justin says:

      For more than a month I have received calls from this number and sometimes 0000 shows up as the number. THe message is always the same, "You better return this call or have your lawyer call us as if I am in trouble. Threats are made with sarcasm if I do not do what they say, for instance, "If you do not contact us, "God Bless You" what will happen to you.

    7. Cedrick says:

      keeps calling asking for my husband. won't leave a message and now hangs up on me. Is a male caller. 3 times yesterday and once so far today

    8. Shelby says:

      I got a call from this number and he said he was a Ky. State police officer and I would need an attorney because I had purchased drugs online and I had been issused a warrant for my arrest. Today I would go to jail

    9. Blake says:

      please don't alert me when she calls. I do not want to know that this stalker is trying to contact me

    10. Tuan says:

      These people are calling me about a reposession that they decided to sell my $26,000 car for $11,000 and now want $14,560...YA NOT MY PROBLEM...they are rude and obnoxious and WENDY O'CONNOR is the female that continues to call for me and didn't even know she was calling my mom thinking she was talking to me she was aweful and tried to explain how rude I was it was a joke...She told me my credit was way too good if I tried to file bankrupcy yet said this repo is the 1st thing on my credit report which didnt show up 2 months ago when trying to lease a condo...hmmm...REAL or FAKE!!! I'm gonna go with FAKE because IM NOT PAYING THEM...NOW I only answer the phone if i've had a bad day and i need to yell at someone!!!

    11. Wilfredo says:

      Admissions Counselor from the University of Southern California

    12. Percy says:

      Credit card scam uugghhh!!!

    13. Nathanael says:

      called 2 times and said wrong number

    14. Nathanial says:

      Keeps calling and txting

    15. Bruce says:

      They call repeatedly and I do not answer.