979-678 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 979-678-5440
  • 979-678-5441
  • 979-678-5442
  • 979-678-5443
  • 979-678-5444
  • 979-678-5445
  • 979-678-5446
  • 979-678-5447
  • 979-678-5448
  • 979-678-5449
  • 979-678-5450
  • 979-678-5451
  • 979-678-5452
  • 979-678-5453
  • 979-678-5454
  • 979-678-5455
  • 979-678-5456
  • 979-678-5457
  • 979-678-5458
  • 979-678-5459
  • 979-678-5460
  • 979-678-5461
  • 979-678-5462
  • 979-678-5463
  • 979-678-5464
  • 979-678-5465
  • 979-678-5466
  • 979-678-5467
  • 979-678-5468
  • 979-678-5469
  • 979-678-5470
  • 979-678-5471
  • 979-678-5472
  • 979-678-5473
  • 979-678-5474
  • 979-678-5475
  • 979-678-5476
  • 979-678-5477
  • 979-678-5478
  • 979-678-5479

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    1. Louie says:

      Computer generated caller. Saying I have won something

    2. Milan says:

      They text me! Payday-Loan-Yes.com with a fax number of 800 642 1836 to send a voided check, bank statement and pay stub. With a phone number of 800 550 6051 x539.Yea - that's going to happen!

    3. Genaro says:

      Yes its spam I jave a ideam on CL can't the contacted me

    4. Morris says:

      called by this number.  I usually lift receiver when I don't recognize number and wait until someone says something.  this one didn't seem to have anyone on the other side.  don't understand why they have these calls automatically dialed ...just to annoy people??

    5. Britt says:

      They told me debt collector

    6. Burton says:

      Will not day who they are

    7. Marcus says:

      Yeah it get annoying after awhile

    8. Norberto says:

      Dont know who this is and they keep calling

    9. Richie says:

      call with no ID or name, no message, etc.

    10. Max says:

      crispy clean cleaning service

    11. Fermin says:

      I got this number on my cell phone.  I don't know anyone from this area that would call me.  I would like to report this number and have the calls stopped

    12. Cristopher says:

      Is this a scam from walmart or what? why did every one get a message. Not funny to fool people!

    13. Billy says:

      I was sleeping when this call came in. I look at my caller ID and it said NEWS 803-325-6556. What is this news? With everything going on in this world the way it is something like this can make someone a little nervous. I tried Googleing it and I got here.

    14. Rudolph says:

      I've also been receiving numerous phone calls, on a daily basis, from this number. My caller ID identifies it as QRI. My number is on the Do Not Call registry. I am suspicious of any company or individual who calls numerous times (even twice or more in a hour) and do not leave a message. If this was a legitimate company then why isn't it leaving a message to state why it is calling? When I actually pick up the phone, I get NO response. Now I just pick up the phone and immediately hang up or let my voice mail pick it up. If they don't cease and desist, I will report the company. And I didn't order a Waterpik. I receive email confirmations when I purchase online and that should be enough.

    15. Hubert says:

      This is "Online Collections." They apparently do skip tracing before they try numbers listed on accounts. I moved nearly two years ago and apparently had a final utility bill. I never received a phone call or letter in the entire time since I've moved. They actually called my mother and left a message for me without bothering to call me first. Beware! They are like most scummy collection agencies and will treat you like poop because they are on a power trip. Maybe if they actually did their job and called the numbers on accounts before doing skip tracing they would get things resolved sooner.