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    1. Clair says:

      Recieved a call that I was chosen for a government grant for families for $9000. I was given and ID number and told to call another number for release of funds. The gentleman barely spoke English. The whole thing seemed very suspicious, the scariest part is he knew my name, address and phone number. Also, asked how I wanted my funds dispersed visa, mastercard, or cash... really?

    2. Emmanuel says:

      Caller said it was a company named TSA (tech support assistance) and that I had reported a problem with my PC...which I did not. I played along for a long enough period to get the rep to suggest that I download and install a .exe file so they could remotely manage my PC and "fix" the problems. I asked him to identify his company or the name of the company that advised him I requested assistance with my PC and he promptly disconnected the call.

    3. Chase says:

      fake as person,has no life.

    4. Rolland says:

      I have recieved three calls from this number.

    5. Augustine says:

      This could be an international caller. But when we picked up no one was there...??

    6. Gil says:

      This is a pay pal scam for Craigslist ads.

    7. Carmen says:

      This is the contact -Joe Brant | Business Development Executive | Office: 302-482-8300 |Looks like spamming service

    8. Sydney says:

      I really hate numbers you all back and it says number disconnected, I dont think the phone company should allow that. Its a working number it keeps calling me when I am not home. AGGRIVATING!

    9. Irvin says:

      I got a text that just said "Jeff Lol ... http://bit.ly/Y6vDdsI did not click on the link.

    10. Craig says:

      of this number today 9/20/12, someone write me supposedly been interested in something that I'm selling in grasglist. This person allegedly deposited the money in me. paypal i supposedly already had sent me the email of confirmasion. call. a. paypal and I, confirrmasion that this is a likely scammer perosona Internet this is the number i email from this person (mihellin0023@yahoo.com) this is the name (Ramsey Michellin) numer (801-210-9280) have much. careful not scammed

    11. Kurtis says:

      I think it is Ellis University... That makes sense because I recently inquired about VA approved schools. I answered my phone twice and those panzy a***s don't say anything.

    12. King says:

      I have been receiving phone calls for a Janet Murray for 4 years.  I keep telling them I'm not Janet Murray and I don't know her and want my number taken off their list of numbers to call for Janet Murray.  They tell me it is marked as a bad number but they still keep calling me anyway.

    13. Frances says:

      I received a call from this number a man with a thick India accent, could barely speak english and then he gives me an american name - "Daniel McCullum- he is from a Debt consolidation co. and said my name and social were attached to a judgement and unless or my legal representative called him back he would contact my employer and my references!!! How do these people get away with this? I read these post and see the same complaint, we are Americans someone should protect our legal rights and stop this SCAM!!!

    14. Dario says:

      Pre-recorded message. Work from home scam

    15. Todd says:

      GOT CALL FROM THE NO. 139-001-5769