Privacy Policy

Because we always value the importance of keeping our regular users protected, we assure the information and/or details they provide are secure. On this matter, we know how to secure the information we collect and use from them as part of our imposed Privacy Policy. We need this type of policy because we want all people who are visiting and using our website that we collect information in legal manners. Right before accessing our available content and offered service, we remind all active users/members to understand the terms and conditions we implement.

What Data or Details We Need to Acquire  

When we gather the necessary information/details from both our users and visitors, these usually include the home address, name, occupation, email address, contact number and other necessary data for proper verification. We always respect the decision of all people who are active on our site, but we do not force anybody to submit data. To make sure we do not experience any inconvenience when using the data we already collected, we follow the exact guideline for this matter.

Importance of Monitoring and Collecting Cookies

We also need to check and gather information about the cookies from our visiting people from the different states and region. As expected, we adhere to the existing cookie policy of the European Union (EU) when we monitor. We value the importance of this procedure because it will help us determine our visits and the usual details we acquire is the active user’s IP address, browser as well as operating system (OS). This kind of process can definitely guide us in determining if we are receiving many users or visitors regularly. From the information we check and collect, we need to increase our performance and expertise.

Allowed or Shared Data

When sharing the information or details we have, it is important that we follow what is legitimate and only share them to authorized third parties or companies under a certain agreement or condition. We may share them under an agreement to coordinate with us, but we still follow the permission of the law. In case there is a need to alter this existing privacy policy, we have the authority to decide. As expected, any kind of change we implement is on good manner.